Cheap Hotel Near Nội Bài

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Cheap Hotel Near Nội Bài

* Cheap Hotel Near Nội Bài !

When you arriver Noi Bai Airport and you need a room for transit you can call us for this number to book cheap room and nice room.(04).62.943.864

From 20 m2 area. Airy rooms. Private balconies or windows overlooking the nice view at night . 01 Big beds

Well Come To  Hotel Noi Bai

Standard Double Room: 22 usd (Included Pick up at the airport)

- Contact: +84-4.62.943.864.Hotnile: 0966.044.786 Hotel Nội Bài To Noi Bai International Airport is 2km ensure flight hours for customers.
- When you arrive at the airport Noi Bai need a place to rest? Tomorrow to fly soon? - You traveling? Travel, family or group ? Come to our hotel, you will have a comfortable place to rest and quiet, and reasonable price.
- The hotel with 30 standard rooms, fully equipped, quiet space.

- Please call us, we welcome you to take a taxi to the hotel early hours.

* Amenities Free!

+ Conditioning, fan, heater machine, Wifi Network, Cable TV Safety Cabinet, balcony, secure parking ...
- Airy rooms, hotel rong.Khach vision is conveniently located near the village, so peaceful space and fresh.
- Supplies and materials used in the hotel are clean, fresh, ensure what is best for you.
- You can walk around the airport area Bai.Dac Special Affairs in the evening, then you will see all the flowery scenery of the north's largest airport.
Reservation Phone: (+84-4) 62.943.864
* Hotnile 24: 0966.044.786

Hotel Noi Bai Airport is pleased to thank you for your trust and support services using our hotel during the past year.
* Our hotel with the motto "Hope 1 Guest to come thousands of times not the first time  arrivals".
Hotel  Noi Bai are Welcome to serve our Cotumer.Only one call us !

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