Hotel Near Noi Bai Airport

Reception Phone
  • Điện Thoại Đặt Phòng (024)62.943.864
  • Hotline 0966.044.786
  • Mail tư vấn 1
  • Zalo : 0966044786
  • Yahoo hỗ trợ kĩ thuật 1
  • Skype 1
  • Skype 2
Airport Pick Up
Lượt truy cập
  • Hôm nay 70
  • Tổng lượt truy cập 242,651
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Hotel Near Noi Bai

Well come to Noi Bai AIRPORT HOTEL !

Double Room : 22usd (Including airport pick-up fee)
- Contact: +84-4.62.943.864.Hotnile:+84 966.044.786
- From Hotel Noi Bai To Noi Bai International Airport is 1km,ensure flight hours for customers.
- When you arrived in Noi Bai Airport and You needed a place to rest for Tomorrow to fly soon? You go work? Travel, family or group. please Come up with  Noi Bai Hotel, Our guests will have a comfortable place to rest and quiet, and reasonable price.
- The hotel has 30 standard rooms, fully equipped, quiet space, cool.

- Please call us, we welcome you to take a taxi to the hotel early hours.

* Amenities Free!

+ Conditioning, fan, heater machine, Wifi Network, cable TV, safety cabinets, balcony, door raffle, secure parking ...
- Airy rooms, hotel rong.Khach vision is conveniently located near the village, so peaceful space and fresh.
- Supplies and materials used in the hotel are clean, fresh, ensure what is best for you.
- You can walk around the airport area Bai.Dac Special Affairs in the evening, then you will see all the flowery scenery of the north's largest airport.
* Reservation Telephone: (+84-4) 62.943.864
* Hotnile reservation 24h: +84 966.044.786

* Price Double Room :22 usd ( inclued Pick up At the airport to Hotel)

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